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Analyzed +7429 Lifetime Deals And MarTech Tools
Here’s What I Learned About

The lifetime deals market is a blue ocean.
And we are all the sharks who grab every deal when it was released.
My pocket hurts. A lot!
And I know you too.

I spent one hard-work week analyzing more than 500 lifetime deals from Appsumo, Stacksocial, JVZoo, LTDFans… to better understand the world of lifetime deals.

I also analyzed other +7000 digital marketing tools and services to answer the question:

How can we choose the best digital tool?

I uncovered some interesting findings.
And today I’m going to share what I found with you.

Here is a summary of my key findings:

  1. Vendors of the good deals care about their users.
    They make us love their websites at first sight (good UI/UX, site speed). They provide strong support using Intercom, Hubspot. They have a clear roadmap (I mean “clear”, not “promising-but-…”).
  2. There are some patterns of good deals, for example using sans serif fonts. Read more below.
  3. There are also some patterns of bad deals. You can discover in the next section.
  4. Some very good deals are not suitable for you. Don’t buy because the others are freaking out about the deal.
  5. FOMO vs. JOMO

Unlocking Your Digital Empire

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