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GenVita – The Untold Story: When Inbound Marketing Meets Insurtech

GenVita - The Untold Story: When Inbound Marketing Meets Insurtech

Nowadays, Digital and AI become tremendous and widespread all over the world. Insurance companies can not stay out of the trends.

At Generali Vietnam, digital transformation is always a key pillar in our business strategy.

In late 2018, we launched GenVita – a digital eco-system on web and app that helps the customers live a healthy and happy life.

GenVita mainly runs on 3 pillars:

  • Healthy Living Community
  • E-commerce to distribute insurance products online and allow customers to purchase easily
  • Customer Portal to manage policies and related transactions online

Using inbound marketing, GenVita provides a lot of useful articles about health, nutrition, critical illness, and financial management… to attract potential customers naturally.
After that, we also create a better relationship with these visitors through GenVita’s online community (to join health and fitness clubs, or to participate in some wellness challenges…) and convert them to leads.
Finally, we use nurturing emails and CRM to close the deal and bring more customers.

In this article, I will share with you how GenVita helps Generali Vietnam build brand awareness and preference, boost online sales and enhance the customer experience.

Understand Inbound Marketing In 1 Minute

Outbound Marketing: Traditional marketing techniques (email blasts, telemarketing, TV, print ads…) to push messages at any target audience.

Inbound Marketing: Modern marketing techniques using compelling content and appearing in search engine results (SEO/SEM) or social publishing (Facebook, Twitter posts…) to attract potential customers naturally.

GenVita - The Untold Story: When Inbound Marketing Meets Insurtech
Four stages of Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is more effective because it doesn’t interrupt people like traditional outbound marketing messages, but provides useful contents and answer people’s questions.

Example, if you have any questions about health, critical illness, or financial management…

GenVita is here for you

Everyone now consults with Google for any problems they are dealing with.

If you can solve their problems, you will be the superhero (or Avengers I may think) to your potential customers.

GenVita content team tries to understand the customer journey and their needs, do keyword research, then create quality content to answer people’s concerns about health, nutrition or finance.

Google loves it!

That’s why GenVita ranked on many competitive keywords (high search volume) and got tons of organic traffic from Google search.

GenVita - The Untold Story: When Inbound Marketing Meets Insurtech
GenVita rank #1 for keyword “cerebral anemia” (4,400 searches/month)

The power of Content Engine in GenVita also helps segment the users and serves them personalized content based on age, location, and own interest.

However great content is not enough. How can we make GenVita stand out from the millions of websites and apps out there? The secret is:

We don’t stop at articles!

Visitors come and go. Our goal is to establish engagement and brand loyalty. And in order to do so, we need to continue to show our potential customers that GenVita is special.

GenVita community is where people can share interests and discuss healthy living, insurance, or finance. There are experts in each category who are willing to answer and give advice to the community.

GenVita also has challenges about wellness or mental health to help people live an optimistic and meaningful life.

GenVita - The Untold Story: When Inbound Marketing Meets Insurtech
An ongoing challenge with more than 3,400 participants

In Q2/2019, we plan to add new exciting features on GenVita, especially the Step Count function (to count user steps and contribute for fundraising challenge) or the Telemedicine function (to call and get consulted from doctors).

These efforts create a close-knit relationship with GenVita users and it’s time to convert online leads into real customers!

Online Sale and CRM

We have implemented our cancer care product: Vita – Golden Shield on GenVita. Now people can buy online within 5 minutes. GenVita also allows customers to manage their policy and related transactions online.

GenVita - The Untold Story: When Inbound Marketing Meets Insurtech

With complex products, most people prefer to buy from a real person. GenVita integrated Hubspot – a CRM software – to contact leads and understand their needs, then assign agents to take care of.

Conclusion: Good things take time!

GenVita - The Untold Story: When Inbound Marketing Meets Insurtech
GenVita organic traffic in 2019

An inbound approach to digital marketing takes time to build a strong connection with customers. But it will undoubtedly give our company a lasting competitive advantage. When combining with insurtech, we can maximize our strength in technology in improving customer experience and better serve our customers.

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